The best microbreweries have one thing in common, we stock their beer

We’ve tried the best local, kiwi and US microbreweries to select only the highest quality craft beer.
It’s a hard job.
You can thank us later.


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Luke Bray

Owner/Store Manager

Luke first discovered craft beer while working in hospitality. With 35 different craft beers on tap, and updated regularly, Luke saw it his duty to try them all. He started to notice a pattern with who chose which beer and realised there was more going on than just knocking back a VB while having a punt.

Some beers were more popular in the afternoon, at night, with friends while watching the footy or with a partner. There were beers for the ‘I don’t like craft beer’ dads and the ‘I don’t like beer’ girlfriends.

He could spot the craft beer connoisseur who watched QandA while tweeting and sipping an oak wood, fermented dark ale. If it’s hazy, hoppy, chewy or silky, he’s tried it.

Andrew Bray


After years in business, running a successful chain of supermarkets, Andrew started to get bored with retirement. His new craft beer hobby wasn’t a fulfilling way to pass the day. So the idea of father and son combining their talents and opening a craft beer shop was born.

Andrew had the experience of running a successful business and knew what the customer was after. A great deal for a quality product with excellent customer service.

Today, Andrew considers the shop in Cringila as the Bottlo of Bunnings, you wander in looking for a case of VB and leave with a six pack of mixed craft beers, and a lot wiser for the choice.

The Crafted Crew

If it’s for a Sunday arvo or to accompany a chicken parma, father and son have researched and tried it.

If you can describe a beer as either ‘the sweetness fades towards the end for a slight bitterness’ or ‘it tastes like cherry ripe’, then we have a quality beer for you. Our extensive range has been sourced from microbreweries all over Australia, NZ and even America and have been chosen by us, not a sales rep trying to earn a commission. We don’t like to brag, but we’ve reached the pointy end of our craft beer journey, and have picked the best for you.

It’s a tough job, being a quality beer filter. But, we set the bar high for what goes in our online store and what doesn’t. You’ll thank us later.

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